Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Disable automatic space - Keyboard

If you write text on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the default Samsung keyboard will usually be used. This keyboard may now have the option to automatically set a space after a word.

The function for this is "Automatic Spaces".

The following instructions will explain step by step how to deactivate these on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

1.  Open the settings of Android

2. Scroll down to Language and Input and navigate from there as follows:

  • Screen Keyboard --> Samsung Keyboard --> Intelligent Typing

3. In this submenu you can now select "Automatic Spaces" and then deactivate the option on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

4. To do this, simply move the slider from "On" to "Off".

You have now deactivated the automatic space character on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is automatically inserted by the keyboard after a word.


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