Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Disable Bixby and Bixby Button – Tip

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is of course equipped with the Bixby button and thus the artificial language assistant Bixby.

Unfortunately, Bixby is still not available in German, which is why many users like to do without it.

However, the Bixby key cannot be reassigned without great effort or root and therefore it makes sense to deactivate the Bixby key and therefore Bixby completely.

How this works with the developer options we'll tell you here:

Despite deactivate Bixby 2.0 - button on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

1. First activate the developer options

2. Then open the settings and then the developer options

3. Scroll down and click "Background Check".

4. Disable the following options:

  • Bixby Service
  • Bixby Voice
  • Voice Wake-Up

If you now press the Bixby button, it will stop responding.

You have successfully deactivated it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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