Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Enlarge or Reduce Homescreen Grid - Solved

Samsung uses the Samsung Experience GUI as launcher, which provides the look and feel over the Android system.

This makes it possible, for example, to enlarge the grid for apps and widgets on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 home screen.

This allows more apps and widgets to be placed on each Home screen page. The following instructions describe exactly how to enlarge this app grid:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Enlarging the start screen area for apps

1. To do this, press and hold a free area of the Home screen with your finger so that it becomes smaller and reveals a menu.

2. Select “Homescreen settings”

3. Here you can now specify various settings, including the following:

  • Start Screen Grid

4. Select the option with the largest possible area

You should now have more space for widgets and apps per Home Screen page on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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