Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hide Navigation Bar - Tip

On the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you will see a navigation bar at the bottom of the display, in which various buttons are arranged. For example the Back button, the Task Manager and the Home button.

You can also hide the navigation bar so that it is no longer displayed all the time. How this works is explained here:

Hide the bottom navigation bar on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Start from the Home screen and open the following menu:

  • App menu -> Settings --> Display --> Navigation bar

At the very beginning of the page you will see the corresponding option. This is:

"Show/hide button".

Activate this option. If you now open an app, you will see a small dot on the very left of your navigation bar.

Touch it twice in quick succession to hide the navigation bar. The navigation bar is no longer permanently visible. You must now wipe it from bottom to top to make it visible again for a short time.


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