Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How to change screen resolution

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a built-in display that will delight the user with an extraordinarily high resolution.

However, a higher resolution also means more power consumption. That's why Samsung has included an option in its firmware to change the screen resolution.

Where you can find this option, we would like to explain it to you in this article:

Change screen resolution - Instructions

1. Open the Android settings of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

2. Navigate to "Display" and then to "Screen resolution"

3. You can now select the following resolutions:

  • HD+ (1.480 x 720 Pixel)
  • Full-HD+ (2.220 x 1.080 Pixel)
  • WQHD+ (2.960 x 1.440 Pixel)

4. Set the slider to the resolution, which should remain permanently set.

You now know how to manually adjust the resolution of the display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and switch between HD+, Full-HD+ and WQHD+.


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