Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How To Use Gear VR Glasses ? Solved!

Think about buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or have you already purchased it, then you may also be wondering if it is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR.

Due to the size of the Note  9, a new type C adapter is required to connect the phone to the Virtual reality glasses Gear VR and the controller.

Therefore we would like to give you a tip what to do to use the Galaxy Gear VR with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Owners of the model SM-R325 can contact Samsung to order a new adapter to use the Note 9 with the Gear VR. Just use theLive Caht or the phone number from the German Samsung support page:

Samsung Support

Please have the purchase information, including the model of your Gear VR and serial number, ready before contacting support. The serial number of the Gear VR and the model number are located on the inside of the Virtual Reality glasses (the protective cover must be removed).

Good to know: Samsung writes on its support page:

Owners of the Gear VR with controller (model SM-R325) can obtain the new adapter free of charge from Samsung.

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