Samsung Galaxy Note 9 moisture detected - Tips what to do now

There are various error messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, including the following: "Check the port - moisture detected. To charge your device, make sure your charger/USB port is dry".

“Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Moisture detected USB Port”

If you receive this message on the display, you cannot charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via the USB cable.

The reason for the error message is usually one of the following:

Cause for moisture was detected on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Maybe you were just doing sports, showering, bathing or just had wet hands. If this causes some moisture in the USB port, this can lead to the error message described above. It is therefore a protective measure to avoid electrical damage to the device.

In the following we would like to give you now two tips, in order to eliminate the error message fast: 

Troubleshoot Humidity Error Message - Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Tip 1: Disconnect - Reconnect

Disconnects the USB cable from the charging port of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and then reconnects it. This often helps to fix the problem. If not, continue with tip 2. 

Tip 2: Dry USB port of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The simple version blows several times into the connection. If that doesn't help, then use a hairdryer. Put this on cold air and then aim the airflow at the USB port of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Afterwards the error message should not appear any more. We hope that with these tips you were able to dry the USB port of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or eliminate the error message, so that the smartphone can be charged as usual via USB cable.

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