Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Notification LED does not flash on new notification

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a practical notification LED on the front, which informs you about new messages, missed calls or other notifications.

However, if this LED does not show you when a new notification is present, for example because it is not flashing, please check the following settings and tips to fix the problem:

LED Notification activated in Android settings?

First open the app menu on your smartphone and then the settings. Go to the "Display" menu item. In the next submenu you can already see the option:

  • LED display

Here the controller must be set to "on". If that's the case, then it's not because of this attitude.

Disable Ultra power save mode

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to MAX, the LED may stop blinking or glowing when new messages, calls or notifications arrive.

To remedy this, set the power save mode to "Medium" or "Off".

Perform a restart

If the LED didn't light up either, we recommend you to restart your smartphone.

Wipe Cache partition

With this method no data will be deleted from you! Only old temporary system files are emptied from the cache. However, they are often responsible for a software error in Android, for example the LED does not work properly anymore.

How to perform such a Wipe Cache partition is explained in detail in the following article:

We hope that this has also helped your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to light up the LED again when a new notification is received.

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