Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unlock developer options in Android

A hidden menu that you can unlock on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are the so-called developer options.

As the name suggests, these options usually only contain settings that are important for a development.

But also the normal user can access useful functions here. These include for example USB debugging or animations. To display the developer options in the Android settings, please proceed as follows:

Activate the developer mode for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

1. Open the App menu and then the Android system settings.

2. Scroll right down until you can see "Device information" - tap the entry on.

3. Next select "Software info" and you will see the entry "Build number" in the next submenu.

4. Now tap the entry "Build number" several times in quick succession until you see the message "Developer options enabled".

You can now access the developer options of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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