Samsung Galaxy S8 Disable Maximum Volume Pop-Up Warning - Tip

If you listen to music over headphones with the Samsung Galaxy S8, a warning message will be displayed when you press the Volume key, informing you about the maximum volume and its danger for the ear.

So every time you increase the volume on your S8, you get the pop-up warning about the volume.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Now you might want to know how to disable this pop-up? Often you just want to increase the volume while the phone is in your pocket.

With the message this is not possible, because it has to be actively tapped away. Unfortunately there is no option for this in the Android settings.

However, you can install the following app from the Google Play Store:

  • Samtweak

With this you can deactivate the maximum volume. To use the app you don't need a root, but you have to give permission via the ADB shell.

Then you can uncheck "Disable Max Volume Warning" and deactivate the pop-up.


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