Samsung Galaxy S8 microphone no longer works – Test

If you have the feeling that the microphone of your Samsung Galaxy S8 no longer works correctly or does not work at all, you can check this with a special test.

The special thing about this test is that it cannot be influenced by apps. So only the standard drivers are loaded, which are not overlaid by other apps and applications.

The test cannot be called via the Android menu, but only via a special menu, which is opened by a service code. How to open the microphone test on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is explained step by step:

Open the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microphone Test Menu

Samsung Galaxy S8

1. First open the phone app

2. On your smartphone and enter the following code using the numeric keypad:

  • *#0283#

A test window will now open. Select one of the first two microphone tests.

Then speak something and wait briefly. With a little delay, the speech will immediately be played back over the loudspeaker.

If you hear your recording, the microphone of the device will work. If you don't hear anything, there is probably a technical defect. You should then visit a service shop that is covered by the warranty.

You now know how to check the function of the Samsung Galaxy S8 microphone.


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