Samsung Galaxy S8 Notification LED no longer flashes - Tips

The notification LED of the Samsung Galaxy S8 displays various statuses and notifications to the user. The LED flashes when new food such as WhatsApp or e-mail arrives.

But what if the LED stops flashing overnight?

The cause for this is rarely a defect in the hardware, but usually a matter of settings in Android or factors related to the system.

In the following we want to show which options and settings you should check on the Samsung Galaxy S8 when the notification LED no longer flashes on new unread notifications.

System Restart of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

The status LEDs that are no longer flashing are often due to the fact that the phone has not been restarted for a longer period of time. To avoid this case with your Samsung Galaxy S8, you should now restart the Samsung Galaxy S8 once.

Is the notification light activated in the settings?

Next, you should of course check whether the notification LED is activated in the system settings. This function may have been inadvertently or automatically deactivated after a firmware update.

To do this, navigate from the smartphone's home screen to the App menu and then to Settings.

Continue to "Display". Scroll down there until you can see "LED Display" Activate the slider to activate the LED display if it is deactivated.

Disable energy saving modes

Unfortunately, if the Samsung Galaxy S8's power saving mode or ultra-power saving mode is active, the notification LED is automatically deactivated.

For this reason, you must now deactivate the power-saving mode on the Samsung Galaxy S8 to make the notification LED light up again.

Drag the status bar with two fingers from above into the display and then deactivate the corresponding toggles.

Wipe cache partition - remove old temporary system files

A wipe cache partition removes old temporary system files that may cause the status LED to fail.

But the Wipe Cache partition is not so easy to do and therefore we have written a separate manual for you here:

We hope that you could solve the problem with the no longer flashing status LED on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with one of the mentioned solutions.

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