Samsung Galaxy S8 screen burn-in – Tip

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, then this is equipped with a so-called OLED display. These displays have a particularly good resolution and colour brilliance, but are also susceptible to "burning in".

The term "burn in" is used when a pixel of the display can no longer display certain colors as it did at the beginning because it has displayed a certain color for too long.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This is the case, for example, with bright colors in combination with a high display brightness.

To prevent this from happening with your Samsung Galaxy S8, follow these instructions to prevent pixels from burning into the display.

1. Don’t set display brightness to maximum permanently

2. Keep screen timeout as short as possible - we recommend a maximum of 2 minutes

3. Use dark colors, especially for background images. This also prevents the background image from burning in.

4. With apps, such as navigation apps, you should make sure that they do without bright static control elements.

This is the case with Google Maps, for example! If you take these tips to heart, you shouldn't have any problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8's burn-in display.


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