Samsung Galaxy S8 Send Business Card - Contacts App

Often you will be able to send a contact that you have maintained on the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a business card via e-mail, Bluetooth, WiFi etc.. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also has a special function in the Contacts app that can be used as follows:

Contacts-App Send business card - Instructions

Samsung galaxy S8

1. Open the Contacts app from the start screen.

2. Select the contact whose contact details you want to send via business card

3. Tap on the i-button or Details in the menu bar that appears below the contact.

4. Now you can select "Send" at the top of the display in the contact detail view.

5. You must now select the format in which the business card is to be sent:

  • vCard file (VCF)
  • text

6. Select here:

  • vCard file (VCF)

You can then select the method by which the contact is to be sent. For example: Bluetooth, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp etc.

Now you have a contact that is stored and maintained on your Samsung Galaxy S8 as a business card sent.


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