Samsung Galaxy S9 Alarm clock icon in status bar does not disappear – Tip

When you look into the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S9, you may see a clock icon there, which belongs to the alarm clock app. This always appears if you have an active alarm clock.

However, if the clock symbol appears even if no active alarm clock has been set, then there is an error. In most cases, however, the problem with the clock app can be solved in this way:

Reset the clock app on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Open the settings

2. Scroll down to "Apps"

3. Search for "Clock" in the list of apps and select the entry

4. You can now select the entry "Memory" in the app info

5. Tap on "Delete data" Note: All stored alarm clocks will be deleted!

If you have touched the button, you will no longer see an alarm symbol in the status bar.

You should have solved the clock icon problem caused by the alarm app on your Samsung Galaxy S9.


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