Samsung Galaxy S9 battery runs down very quickly - Help

If you notice that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S9 runs out very quickly and the phone gets disproportionately warm or even hot, there is a fault within the Android system.

As a rule, however, this error can be rectified quickly and easily. This is because the files that cause the problem are usually located in the system cache of the smartphone. And you can easily delete it without losing private data like pictures or videos.

You can empty the system cache using a Wipe Cache partition, which means that the battery is not used as much and the battery life increases.

Then the battery should no longer run out so quickly, but should have a normal endurance time again.

You can read out the condition of the battery if this promises no improvement. Here's how it works:

Read and check battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. First download the app "Phone info" from the Google Play Store

2. If the app is installed, please open it

3. Switch to the "Personal" tab and you will see the following information at the end:

  • Battery Discharge Cycle (number of deep discharges - where the unit switched itself off automatically)
  • Battery Health (available capacity of the battery - with the S9 should be possible in the new condition nearly 3000 mAh)

Now check at "Battery Health" what the condition of your battery is. This should be nearly 100% when the device is new. After one year the value can be already at 95%. This is quite normal and has little effect in everyday use.

If lower values are displayed, the battery may already be defective. You should then make use of the warranty or have a new battery installed.

You now know two options that you can use when the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S9 runs out very quickly.

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