Samsung Galaxy S9 Change notification tone - Solved

If you receive a notification on your Samsung Galaxy S9 in the form of an email, SMS etc., you will hear a notification tone.

This sound is factory set, but can of course be changed. Below, we have summarized in a tutorial how to change the notification tone on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Proceed as follows:

Change the notification sound in the Android settings

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Open the Android settings from the start screen

2. Go to "Sounds and Vibration"

3. Select "Notification Sounds"

4. Select a sound in the list that you like more than the currently configured one.

5. You have now changed the notification tone on the Samsung Galaxy S9. If you want to use your own notification tone, please proceed as follows:

Use your own notification tone - Tip

Open a file explorer such as "My Documents"

Now select "Internal Storage"

Open Media --> Audio

Create the following folder in it:

  • Notifications

Now copy an MP3 file into this folder that plays the desired notification tone. Restart the smartphone Then proceed as described in the first instructions.

In the list of apps, however, you will now be offered the newly added notification tone for selection.

You now know how to add or change a notification tone on the Samsung Galaxy S9.


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