Samsung Galaxy S9 How to use USB settings MTP ADB? Solved

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has additional USB settings that you can use if a USB connection between your phone and a computer cannot be established.

The following article will explain exactly how this works with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

To display the MTP+ADB settings on the Samsung Galaxy S9, you need a code which is entered via the phone app of the Android software. Because this option cannot simply be done via the Android system:

MTP USB settings - How to open

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Open the phone app of the Samsung Galaxy S9

2. Enter the following code using the keyboard:

  • *#0808#

3. After you have entered the code using the keys, the following screen appears:

4. Now set the "USB Settings" mark to "MTP+ADB". Ready!

5. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S9 afterwards

A connection to your PC via USB cable should now be possible without any problems and no longer cause any problems.


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