Samsung Galaxy S9 Move images and data from secure folder - Resolved

The Secure folder on the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus is a place that is additionally protected. It can only be viewed with a password and is extra encrypted.

The system used here is Knox from Samsung. If you have now saved data, such as pictures or videos, in this secure folder, then you may want to move some of these data from it again, so that they are again stored in the standard memory.

Here we explain how you can move data from the secure folder. Proceed as follows:

Secure Folder Data Transfer to Normal Storage

Samsung Galaxy S9

1. Open Secure Folder

2. Select the file or image you want to move

3. Touch the three-point icon

4. Select "Move from Secure Folder" from the context menu

5. The image or file will now be moved from the Secure Folder

Repeat the process for all files you want to move from the Secure Folder

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