Samsung Galaxy S9 Transfer pictures and videos to iPhone or iPad - Tip

If you get into the situation of transferring photos, pictures and videos between a Samsung Galaxy S9 and an Apple iPhone or iPad, then you will very likely despair very quickly here.

Traditional methods, such as sending via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, are not possible between Android and iOS devices. But how can you exchange media files between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone? This works as follows:

Transfer images from the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the iPhone and vice versa

Samsung Galaxy S9

Requirements to transfer files between Android and iPhone:

W-Lan network must be available

The PhotoSync app must be installed on both devices.

First download the app Photosync for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the iPhone or iPad:

  • Download PhotoSync for iPhone (iTunes Store)
  • Download PhotoSync for Samsung Galaxy S9 (Google Play Store

If the app is installed, it is now only important that both devices are in the same W-Lan network. Then you can start sending files. This works as follows:

Instructions - Transferring files between Android and iOS or iPhone with PhotoSync

1. Open the PhotoSync app on both devices and activate W-Lan. Important! Both devices must be registered in the same W-Lan network.

2. Select the pictures you want to transfer.

3. Tap on the red Sync button at the top of the screen.

4. Select "Selected" - tap on "Telephone/Tablet.

5. Select the "Receive" tab on the receiver smartphone instead of "Send" and then "Phone/Tablet" as well.

6. Start transferring files between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S9.

You now know how to transfer pictures, video etc. between a Samsung Galaxy S9 and an iPhone or iPad.

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