Samsung Galaxy S9 Where are email attachments stored? Solved

If you receive an email on your Samsung Galaxy S9 with an attachment attached, such as a picture, PDF, Word file, etc., you will most likely store it.

Then you might ask yourself: Where are email attachments stored on the Samsung Galaxy S9? This is exactly the question we would like to answer here:

Samsung Galaxy S9

After you have typed "Save", the data will be saved under this path:

  • Internal Memory\Download

You can access this directory path as follows:

1. Open the file explorer "My Documents" - This is installed on every Samsung Galaxy S9

2. Select "Internal Memory" and then the folder "Download"

3. Here you will find all email attachments you have downloaded from an email using the "Save" button on your Samsung Galaxy S9.

You now know where email attachments are stored on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and how to open them again.


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