Set Instagram to Private - Instructions

If you have logged in to Instagram, you will have to decide whether to set your account to public or private.

Public means that everyone can see your pictures. Private, on the other hand, means that only people who have explicitly accepted you as "friendship" can see your pictures, videos and stories.

If you have now created an Instagram profile, your profile will be open for the time being. That's why we'd like to explain how to set your Instagram account to private.

Instructions to set Instagram to Private

1. To do this, open the Instagram App and then switch to Settings Select the three horizontal buttons at the top right and then "Settings" at the bottom

2. Scroll down until you see the following overview screen:

3. Activate the slider at "Private Account"

This makes your Instagram account private and can only be seen by people you have confirmed.

All other people can only access the profile picture. You now know how to change your Instagram account from public to private.


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