Set up Sony Xperia XZ3 W-Lan HotSpot - Solved

The Sony Xperia XZ3 can make its own mobile data connection available to other devices via a W-Lan HotSpot.

The W-Lan HotSpot, also known as Tethering, can be activated on the Sony Xperia XZ3 as follows:

Activate Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot - Instructions

1. Open Settings

2. From the Home screen. Navigate to "More --> Connection & Portable Hotspot

3. Open Mobile WLAN Hotspot Settings via "Configure WLAN Hotspot"

4. Assign a network name (SSID)

5. Under "Security", you should enter a password to protect the HotSpot from unwanted access - Save the settings

6. Now activate the HotSpot of your Sony Xperia XZ3 by setting the slider to "active".


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