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The Honor 10 has integrated a small gadget within the Android system, a so called Easter Egg. In German "Osterei". This is a gimmick that was hidden inside the system by the Android software developers and can only be called specifically.

That's why we also speak of the "secret" Easter Egg

Below we would like to show you in a short step-by-step tutorial how you can open the Easter Egg on Honor 10 within Android:


The Easter Egg changes with every Major Android version. Since smartphones like Honor 10 are constantly receiving updates, it may well be that the Easter Egg described here looks different in a new version than we have described at the moment.

Just let yourself be surprised!

Honor 10 Easter Egg display - Tutorial

To do this, start from the start screen:

Open the settings on the fee 10 and then the submenu "Phone info".

Now select "Software Info". At the top you will see "Android Version".

Now tap on the entry several times in quick succession. An "O" appears on the screen.

Tap the O repeatedly, then finger on the O until you see a blue background with an octopus on it. You have now activated the Easter Egg.

The octopus can now be moved back and forth on the display with the finger. Now you know how to find and display the Easter Egg on Honor 10.

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