Sony RX100 Activate back button for menu - Tip

With the Sony RX100 you can of course make various settings. For this purpose, one calls up the camera settings by means of the menu button and afterwards one can change the options for photos and videos.

If you have now made a change, there is no Extra Back button to go one menu level higher again. The result is that you press the menu button again.

However, this has the consequence that you only jump back to the live screen. Annoying, because you have to navigate back through the complete menu.

Fortunately, Sony is aware of this and has therefore integrated a setting with which the menu button of the Sony RX100 can be converted into a back button. Here's how it works:

Sony RX100 Menu Change Button to Back Button

1. Use the menu button to open the settings for the camera

2. Jump to the wrench on the far right and there to the options screen 1 as shown in our photo:

3. Here you can now select "start of menu

4. Set the marker from "Start" to "Back" - Done!

5. Now the menu button will work as a back button within the camera settings, which makes the operation of the Sony RX100 much easier.

We wish you many more beautiful photos with the Sony RX100!

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