Use Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as flashlight - Tip

The camera LED flash of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be used as a flashlight in addition to illuminating a photo. This is useful in many cases, because who still has a flashlight with them today? The fewest!

A smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is more like it. Below we show you how to activate the flashlight function on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

Using the status bar - Simple flashlight

Drag the status bar of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with two fingers from above into the display. You will now see a toggle labeled "Flashlight". Touch it and the camera LED of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will light up.

Tap it again and the light from the lamp goes out again.

Drag the Sidebar into the screen from the right and switch to the "Quick Tools" module.

Of course, this must have been activated beforehand. Here you can now switch to the flashlight symbol at the bottom right and then activate it via the button.

You can increase the brightness of the flashlight in the Quick Tools by using the Plus button to increase the brightness until you reach level 5.

Flashlight level 5 is the brightest level of the flashlight and should only be used for a short time to avoid damaging the LED.

In some situations, however, you need such a bright light.


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