Verify Instagram - Receive Blue Hooks

Anyone who likes to use a lot of Instagram and has already collected a few followers will sooner or later think about having their own profile verified.

So it is not so easy for third parties to imitate your account. Because a verified Instagram profile is marked with a blue tick, which means that this is the official account.

In the following, we have written a manual that describes where you can have your profile verified in Instagram.

How to verify your Instagram account

1. Open Instagram App

2. Go to Instagram Settings

3. Tap "Request Verification" at

4. Here you must provide the account username, your full name, and proof of identification

In addition, the following requirements should be met for the request to be successful:

  • Many subscribers
  • Your account must comply with Instagram's terms of use and policies
  • It is possible that third parties may mimic your account

After successful verification of an Instagram employee, your account will be verified or the request denied.

Now you know how to get the blue tick in Instagram and get a verification.

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