What is an .aae file? Solved!

You may see one or more files on your computer with the following file extension: .aae

This file extension usually cannot be opened by a program installed on your computer, so you're probably wondering what these files are.

Below we have an explanation of the files and what you can do to make them recognized by a Windows computer:

These are .aae files - explanation

Files with .aae at the end are usually created by the operating systems macOS or iOS on a Mac, iPhone or iPad or created parallel to a JPG photo file. This is the case when these have been edited with applications or apps. This includes for example the "Photo-App" on the iPhone or iPad or "Apperture" on the Mac.

Changes to the image are then saved in the files, so that it is then possible to change or undo certain changes again.

Once transferred to the Windows PC, these files can usually not be opened anymore, because the file format is simply not recognized anymore. Here, one should already pay attention during the transfer of the images that they are transferred correctly.

Transfer .aae files correctly under Windows

If you now have such a .aae file on your Windows computer, it will probably have been created during the transfer from an iPhone, iPad or Mac PC.

So that this does not happen to you again during the transfer, we recommend that you make the detour via the Google Drive. So transfer the images to the Google Drive and from there to the PC.

The image processing will be preserved and you will not have any cryptic .aae files on your PC.

Now you know what .aae files are and how best to transfer them from an Apple device to a PC.

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