WhatsApp New Contact is not displayed - Resolved

If you have added a new contact to your Android smartphone and want to send a message to that contact via WhatsApp, the new contact may not be displayed as available in the WhatsApp list.

In most cases, however, this can be resolved quickly by updating the list. But how can I update the contact list in WhatsApp?

That's exactly what this guide is meant to show you: Please note the following: Was the contact's phone number entered correctly? (area code, country code)

If this is okay, the WhatsApp contact list will update as follows:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Tap on the green symbol.

3. In the bottom right corner of the overview.

4. The contact list opens - tap on the three dot symbol in the top right corner.

Select "update" - done! The newly entered contact should now appear in WhatsApp so that it can be written to via the Messenger.

You now know what to do if a newly entered contact is not displayed in WhatsApp.


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