WhatsApp OBJ character - meaning

In WhatsApp you very often get emoticons, smileys and symbols from friends or acquaintances. Now you may suddenly see a new, previously unknown symbol.

This is the OBJ sign. We have captured and enlarged this symbol for you in the following screenshot:

OBJ Symbol - WhatsApp


You will surely be wondering what this symbol means in WhatsApp. This is exactly what we would like to explain to you in this article.

This symbol will be displayed in WhatsApp whenever you receive an emoticon etc. which is not known to your smartphone.

This is usually the case when you receive a WhatsApp message from an iPhone on your Android smartphone and vice versa. The other smartphone then does not know the symbol that was transmitted by this character code.

This happens rarely, usually when a smartphone uses a more recent software version of both.

So please check if a new firmware is available for your smartphone and if the WhatsApp app is up to date.

The OBJ symbol should then no longer appear.

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