Which iPhone model do I own? How to find out!

Whether you need to find out if your iPhone is compatible with the latest iOS operating system or just want to sell it in E-Bay, it's important to know which model you own.

That's not easy to find out at first, especially when there's no packaging left. Over the years, various iPhone models with a variety of versions have come onto the market.

Here it is difficult to distinguish certain models from each other. How do you find out which iPhone model you have?

Depending on your iPhone, you will always find the model number on the back of the smartphone in small letters.

If you don't find any information here, you can also find out the iPhone model via the iOS settings. This works as follows.

Open the settings and navigate up:

General --> About --> Model

Select the entry to display the model number in "A1865" format. Using the model number, you can then search for the corresponding number on the following Apple model page:

Now you know how to quickly find out which model you own and which model number belongs to which iPhone.


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