Windows 10 Disable automatic spelling - Tutorial

The Windows 10 operating system has an integrated spell checker, also known as auto correction. This can automatically correct misspelled words in the search, data fields etc.

A comparison with the Windows language database is used. The auto correction of the spelling is not always efficient and therefore we have summarized here for you a manual, how you can deactivate this under Windows 10.

Deactivate autocorrection - Windows 10

Windows 10

1. Touch the Windows symbol on the keyboard and then select the gearwheel symbol to open the settings of Windows 10.

2.  From here it goes on to "Devices" and "Input"

3. In the section "Spelling" the following options have to be deactivated with the sliders:

  • Correct spelling mistakes
  • Automatically Highlight spelling mistakes

Then words are no longer automatically corrected by Windows 10.

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