Windows 10 Move Paging File - Instructions

The paging file can be used in Windows to compensate insufficient RAM. The swap file is usually stored under Windows on the C: drive.

If you do not have enough space available on the C: hard disk, it makes sense to move the swap file to another data carrier, i.e. another hard disk.

The following instructions explain step by step how to move the swap file from Windows.

Moving the swap file - Windows 10

Windows 10

1. Right-click on the Windows logo

2. Select "System" and in the next menu in the left column "Advanced System Settings"

3. A window will open - Change to the tab "Advanced"

4. In the section "Performance" please go to "Settings"

5. A new window will open - Switch again to the "Advanced" tab and then in the "Virtual Memory" area to "Change"

6. First, uncheck the "Automatically manage swap file size for all drives" box to disable this option.

7. Now the option "No swap file" must be activated for the current drive, mostly C:

  • Confirm the entry by tapping "Set"

8. Now select the drive where the swap file is to be stored in the future

9. Now activate the option "Size is managed by the system" and confirm with "Set"

10. Select "OK" to make the changes and finish

11. Now please restart your PC Your Windows computer will no longer save the swap file to C but to the new drive.

So there should be more space for other files on drive C again.

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