Xiaomi Black Shark Which Sim card do I need? Solved

The Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone may have moved into your focus or you may have already purchased it. Whatever. An important question to ask yourself is:

Do I have the right Sim card for the Xiaomi Black Shark?

This question is important because older devices often have a Micro or Standard Sim card integrated. Below we'll tell you which Sim card the Xiaomi Black Shark uses:

The Xiaomi Black Shark requires a Nano Sim card

If you do not yet have this Sim card format, you now have the following options available:

Press out Multi Sim perforation

You have a multi sim card with Nano perforation. Then this is the simplest variant. Simply push the Nano Sim card out of the existing Sim card along the perforation.

Use Sim cards punch/holeer

You have a sim card without nano-perforation. There are so called "Sim card punchers" for this. A Sim card punch, similar to a hole punch, cuts out the correct format from your Sim card when it is larger.

Such Sim card punchers are already available for little money on Amazon.

Request from mobile phone provider

If the effort with the first two variants is too big for you, you can simply request a new Nano Sim card from your mobile phone operator.

The hotline calls or orders a Sim card via the Online Service Center.

Now you know which Sim card the Xiaomi Black Shark needs and which possibilities you have if you don't have such a Nano Sim card yet.

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