Xiaomi Mi A2 Screenshot - Tip

The new Xiaomi Mi A2 is a chic smartphone from China, which you can use in everyday life very well, because it has a great price-performance ratio. Since the device runs with Android, of course the screenshot function should not be missing.

With this you can easily take a screenshot, which saves the currently displayed screen content and saves it in an image file.

But how can you take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi A2?

This manual will explain this to you in detail:

Taking a screenshot with the Xiaomi Mi A2

First of all, you should display the content you want to record on the display.

To take the screenshot, press and hold the following two buttons simultaneously for about two seconds:

  • Power On Off button
  • Volume Quieter key
  1. You will hear a screenshot sound, indicating that a screenshot has been taken.

You can now find the just taken screenshot in the gallery App of your Xiaomi Mi A2. This method is the most popular way to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi Mi A2.

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