Xiaomi Pocophone connection speed – How to activate

You can display the connection speed on the Xiaomi Pocophone within the status bar (When dragging down).

This way you can always see how fast data is sent or received via W-Lan or the mobile network.

Perhaps a very interesting feature if you're looking for technical information, so we'd like to explain how to enable it on the Xiaomi Pocophone:

Xiaomi Pocophone Activate the display of the connection speed

1. Open the settings of the Xiaomi Pocophone

2. Navigate here to "System & Device" and then to "Notifications & Status Bar"

3. Here you can now use the slider at "Show connection speed" to display this.

The connection speed will only be displayed if you drag the status bar from the top to the screen. Otherwise there is not enough space for this.

You now know how to activate or deactivate the connection speed in the status bar of the Xiaomi Pocophone.


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