Xiaomi Pocophone How to turn off LED light when charging - Solution

The Xiaomi Pocophone's LED light turns on when you connect the smartphone to a charger. This will indicate that your Xiaomi Pocophone is being charged and that it is fully charged.

However, especially at night it is often unpleasant when the LED lights up during charging. No problem, because the Xiaomi Pocophone is one of the few smartphones where you can switch off the charging light.

Deactivate charging light on the Xiaomi Pocophone

1. Starts from the Home screen and opens the settings

2. Select "System & Device" and then "More Settings"

3. Touch "LED Notifications" and you will be redirected to the corresponding submenu.

4. Now deactivates the knob: When charging The LED now no longer lights up when the smartphone is charging.

A practical and useful feature that will hopefully help you sleep better.


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