Xiaomi Pocophone Which Sim card do I need? Solution

The Xiaomi Pocophone can only use the phone function and the mobile data network like any other smartphone if a suitable Sim card is inserted in the card slot of the device. But now there are three different Sim card sizes.

Whether you already have the right Sim card for the Xiaomi Pocophone is something we would like to explain below:

The Xiaomi Pocophone requires a Nano Sim card.

This is the latest and smallest Sim card format available on the market. If you have such a Sim card, then everything is fine. If not, then you can use the following options to get a new Sim card of type "Nano":

Sim card punch

With a Sim card punch and the appropriate template you can easily create a Nano Sim card from an existing standard or Micro Sim card. Such Sim card punchers are already available for little money on Amazon.

Sim card perforation - Multi-Sim

Many Sim cards have been produced in the form of a Multi-Sim. This means that you can easily create a Nano Sim card from a standard or Micro Sim card.

All you have to do is push out the Nano Sim card along the perforation. A further alternative is to request the Sim card online from the respective service provider.

Often this is however connected with costs in the range of 10 – 25$

More information is usually available from the Online Service Center. Now you know which Sim card the Xiaomi Pocophone needs and what you can do yourself to get such a Sim card.

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