Xiaomi Redmi Disable Mailbox - How to do it

If you want to use your Xiaomi Redmi to deactivate the mailbox of your mobile phone provider to which calls that are not answered are automatically forwarded, please proceed as follows:

To do this, open the phone app on the Xiaomi Redmi and then open the keypad. Enter the following code:

  • ##002#

Now press the "Call" button (green handset). This will now send the GSM network code to the mobile network. (Note: There are no costs)

The network code removes all call diversions to the mailbox, of course.

If you then receive a call, it will no longer be accepted by the mailbox if you do not accept it, reject it or your Xiaomi Redmi is switched off.

You now know how to use the Xiaomi Redmi to deactivate call forwarding to the mailbox.


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