Xiaomi Redmi Hard Reset via Recovery Menu - Factory Reset

There are situations with your Xiaomi Redmi where you can no longer start the Android operating system. Either because the operating system has a serious error, or because you no longer know the unlock method.

But with the Recovery menu you can at least perform a factory reset and reset the Xiaomi Redmi to factory settings.

We would like to describe exactly how this works here.

Attention: In case of a factory reset ALL data on the device will be deleted and Android will be reloaded.

Steps to Wipe Reset via Mi Recovery:

1. Turn off your phone completely.

2. Turn on your Xiaomi Redmi while holding down the following keys:

  • Volume key +
  • Power button

3. A menu appears on the screen. Release the buttons.

4. Select the "Mi Recovery" option.

5. Select your language

  • Navigation via the volume +/- buttons
  • Selecting with the Power button

6. Select the option "Delete and reset". (Wipe Reset)

7. Now select the option "Clear Wipe Reset".

Your Xiaomi Redmi will now restart. This should then start again with the Android setup wizard.

You now know how to reset the Xiaomi Redmi to factory settings by using the Recovery menu instead of the Android system settings.


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