Xiaomi Redmi Screenshot - Solved

The Xiaomi Redmi smartphones have a very good price/performance ratio and are also very popular in this country since they can be bought at various retailers.

If you have now purchased such a Xiaomi Redmi, then you certainly want to use the screenshot function. This function is of course available and can be used as follows:

Taking a screenshot with a Xiaomi Redmi - Instructions

On the screen of your Xiaomi Redmi, let yourself see what is to be saved later within the screenshot

Now press and hold the following keys simultaneously for at least 2 seconds:

  • Power button
  • Volume down key

This key combination will now trigger a screenshot. You will hear a short screenshot sound and see a flashing screen.

It means that you have just successfully taken a screenshot with your Xiaomi Redmi. This can then be accessed via the gallery app.


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