Xperia Ear Duo Reset to Factory Settings - Instructions

If you have problems with the Xperia Ear Duo and can no longer pair the headphones, for example, it makes sense to reset these to factory settings.

Note: All paired devices will be removed when you reset the Xperia Ear Duo!

Carry out factory reset Xperia Ear Duo

To do this, first remove the right earphone from the charger cradle. The LED display of the earphone will flash white twice when you switch on the earphones.

Now tap the earphone's touchpad three times quickly and hold your finger firmly on it the third time. Hold your finger on it until the LED lights up green four times.

This completes the reset to factory settings. The headphones will automatically restart and the blue LED should now flash.

This means that you can now pair the headphones again.


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