YI 4K Action Camera is not found over W-Lan - Solved

If you just bought your YI 4K Action Camera and want to connect it to your smartphone for the first time or just connect it to the Yi Action Camera App, you might have the problem that the camera can't be found via W-Lan.

The reason for this is usually easy to fix, because the camera or app lacks the following information:

The location. Yes, unfortunately one has to ask oneself for what the YI 4K Action Camera or the App needs to know your location in order to establish a connection between smartphone and camera. But it doesn't help.

The solution is to activate the location information on the smartphone. In Android you just have to drag down the status bar and activate the location information.

Afterwards a connection between your YI 4K Action Camera and your smartphone will be established via W-Lan and you can use the Yi App afterwards.

We hope that this guide has helped you to solve the problem with the YI 4K Action Camera and a connection to your smartphone.

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