Activate Dark Mode in Google Maps - Tip

If you use the app Google Maps for navigation with your own car, you will have been disturbed by the bright display, especially at night. Also the display of maps in bright colors is not exactly battery saving. That's why Google has finally improved the app and integrated a dark mode into the navigation app.


If you have not yet discovered Dark Mode on your smartphone, we would like to help you with this manual to find and activate it.

Activate Dark Mode in Google Maps - How to do it

1. open the "Google Maps" app

2. select your account in the top right corner and then "Settings".

3. scroll down to "Appearance" and select the entry

4. you will now see a window with these options:

  • Bright Theme
  • Dark Theme
  • Standard theme

5. mark "Dark Theme" and Google Maps will now show you the maps in dark instead of light.

This should make navigation much more comfortable for the eyes, especially at night. In addition, this also has a positive effect on the battery charge, since the Dark Mode in Google Maps uses less battery power.


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