Activate Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 pocket mode - solved

 The pocket mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 is a useful feature to avoid accidental touching inside a trouser pocket or handbag. When the function is active, the display can no longer be activated and the battery is conserved, which is very useful in everyday life.


If you have not yet activated the pocket mode on your Samsung Galaxy S20 or S10, you should now make the following settings to solve this:

Enable pocket mode - Android

1.            Open the settings on your smartphone.

2.            Navigate to "Display".

3.            Now activate the "Protection against accidental touch" option.

You have now successfully activated the pocket mode on your Samsung Galaxy S20 or S10 and the smartphone display is activated only briefly when touched in the pocket and then immediately deactivated again

How does the pocket mode work?

The smartphone uses a brightness sensor to check whether the smartphone is activated in a dark environment. If this is the case, the display is quickly deactivated again.

Sometimes, if you want to use the smartphone in complete darkness, the pocket mode of the Samsung Galaxy S20 or S10 can get in the way, because "Protection from touch" is displayed and you have to unlock the device by wiping it.


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