Activate Samsung Galaxy S20 HEIF for camera - small image files

 HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image File Format and is a container format that uses less storage resources for photos while maintaining the same quality.

For example, a JPEG photo requires 10 MB, whereas a comparable image in HEIF format requires only 6 MB.

 This function is also available for the Samsung Galaxy 20 series!

Advantages Disadvantages of the HEIF format with the Samsung Galaxy S20

This format allows image reductions of up to 50%, which saves a lot of memory space while maintaining the same image quality.

The advantages are obvious, but what are the disadvantages of the HEIF format?

Unfortunately HEIF is not yet recognized by all software. Therefore it is possible that certain PC image programs cannot yet process the HEIF format correctly.

How do I activate the HEIF format on my Samsung Galaxy S20?

1.            Open the Camera app.

2.            In the camera's Live Viewfinder, select the gear icon to open the settings.

3.            Now navigate to "Save Options".

4.            Now activate the slider at "HEIF images (photo)".

From now on, your Samsung Galaxy will take 20 pictures in the optimized HEIF format, which reduces the required storage space per photo by half.

You now know the advantages and disadvantages of the HEIF format on your Samsung Galaxy 20 and how to activate the function in the camera settings.


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