Activate Samsung Galaxy S20 One-handed mode - Instructions

The larger the display, the more difficult it is to operate the smartphone with one hand. This is also the case with the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra. All devices already have a very large display that is difficult to operate with one hand.


This is why Samsung has given its OneUI interface a very useful function. Namely the "one-handed mode". This shifts the display content so that you can operate the Samsung Galaxy S20 with one hand.

How to activate the one-handed mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is shown here:

How to activate the one-handed mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20

1. Open the settings on the Samsung Galaxy S20

2. Go to "Advanced Features".

In this sub-menu you will find the one-handed mode of your S20 smartphone.

Select it and you can then use a slider to activate the function on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

Set activation gesture - How to do it

You can also use this submenu to define how to quickly activate the one-handed mode on your smartphone. Available for selection:

  • Gesture - Swipe diagonally from a corner
  • Button - Tap the Home button twice

This means that the one-handed mode of the Samsung Galaxy S20 has now been activated and can then be used easily.

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