Activate Samsung Galaxy S20 Scientific Calculator

 The Android operating system, which is factory installed on the Samsung Galaxy S20, also has a calculator, which can perform the various basic operations such as addition, multiplication, division etc. in the normal setting.

If you want to solve more complex tasks, this calculator is not suitable, at least in normal mode.


But there is the possibility to switch the Android calculator to "scientific calculator", to do calculations with root, sine and cosine, as well as the logarithm and the quadratic function etc.

In this mode, the calculator in Android on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a full-fledged calculator and provides many useful arithmetic operations.

How to activate the scientific calculator in the factory installed calculator app on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is now explained in more detail.

Activate scientific calculator - root, log, e-function etc.

1.            From the home screen, open the app menu and search for "Calculator".

2.            When you have found it, open the app and you will see the calculator in normal mode.

3.            To activate the scientific calculator, tap once on the icon next to the ruler in the toolbar. The symbol contains root, pie, e-function and equals sign.

All functions of the scientific calculator are now displayed on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

It is advisable to hold the smartphone crosswise to keep an overview. We hope that this feature will help you in Android if you forgot your handbag calculator for university or work and only have the Samsung Galaxy S20 as a replacement.

With the scientific calculator, all important calculations up to the medium difficulty level should be easy to calculate.


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