Activate Samsung Galaxy side light and set color

 The Samsung Galaxy no longer has a notification LED, but a function called "side light". The side light shines once around the edge of the display when a new message arrives and informs you about new incoming notifications.


 If you want to activate the side light on the Samsung Galaxy and set the color of the light, we have the right instructions for you here:

Activate sidelight under Android on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

1. open the settings on the Samsung Galaxy

Open "Display" and then "Page screen".

3. go on to "Sidelight".

4. activate the option with the slider.

You have now activated the sidelight on the Samsung Galaxy. You can now configure it. It works as follows:

Set the color of the sidelight - Samsung Galaxy S20

Lighting style

Open the entry and you can set the style of the page light, the color, transparency, width and duration. Simply select the individual tabs at the top to make the appropriate settings for the page light.

Select Apps

Select the apps for which the page light should be displayed. For example, we recommend that you activate WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS etc.

Show sidelight

Here you can decide whether the side light should always be switched on, only when the screen is activated or only when it is deactivated.

Once you have made the settings, the sidelight of your Samsung Galaxy is completely configured and you can use it as usual.

Now you know how to activate and configure the sidelight on the Samsung Galaxy.

How to activate the sidelight on Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

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