Activate Samsung Galaxy Watch NFC - Instructions

 If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you will certainly want to use the NFC function. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a transmission method over a very short distance.


The NFC is not activated on the Samsung Galaxy Watch by default and therefore we would like to explain to you today step by step how to activate NFC on the Smartwatch.

Activate NFC connection on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

1.            Open the settings

2.            Navigate to Connections

3.            Scroll through the following list until you see "NFC".

4.            Set the switch to "active" to switch on the NFC connection

You can then use the NFC function, depending on which app supports this transfer method.

Which functions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch can be used with NFC?

Theoretically it is possible to pay contactless, but currently no German financial institution supports the NFC function of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

You can also use the "Sanifair" app to use the toilet at rest stops. However, we are not aware of many more possible applications at present.

Do you know of any other Smartwatch features? Tell us about them in the comments.


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